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The African Diaspora Archaeology Network (ADAN)

American Anthropological Association (AAA)

American Journal of Archaeology (AJA)
The Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)

Archaeology in the Community (AITC)

Center for American Archaeology (CAA)

Central States Archaeological Societies (CSAS)

Eastern States Archaeological Federation (ESAF)

Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference (MAAC)

Midwest Archaeological Conference (MAC)

National Association of State Archaeologists (NASA)


Pacific Coast Archaeology Society (PCAS)

Plains Anthropological Society (PAS)

Society for American Archaeology (SAA)

Southeastern Archaeological Conference (SAC)

State by State
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Alabama Archaeological Society (AAS)

Alaska Anthropological Association (AAA)
Alaska Office of History & Archaeology, Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR)
U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management – Alaska (BLMA)

Arizona Archaeological Society (AZAS) 

Arkansas Archaeology Society (AAS)
Arkansas Archaeology Survey (UARK)

Society for California Archaeology (SCA)
Sacramento Archaeology Society, Inc. (SACA)
San Diego County Archaeological Society (SDCAS)

Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS)

Archaeological Society of Delaware (ASD)

Archaeology in the District of Columbia (DC)
DC Archaeology Center for Heritage Resource Studies  (CHRDC)
George Washington University Capitol Archaeological Institute (GWU)
National Park Service NCR Regional Archaeology Program Washington, DC (NPSDC)

Florida Historical Society Archaeological Institute (FHSAI)
Florida Anthropological Society (FAS)
Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN)

The  Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA)

Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (SFHA)
State of Hawaii – State Historical Preservation (SoH)

Idaho Archaeology Society (IAS)

Illinois Archaeological Survey (ILAS)
Illinois Association for Advancement of Archaeology (IAAA)
Illinois State Archaeological Society (ISAS)

Indiana Archaeological Society (INAS)

Iowa Archaeological Society (IAS)

Kansas Archaeological Society (KAS)
Project Archaeology – Kansas (PAK)

Kentucky Heritage Council (KHC)
Kentucky Office of State Archaeology (KASA)

Louisiana Archaeological Society (LAS)
Louisiana Cultural Resources Map (LAM)
Louisiana Office of Cultural Development (LOCD)

Michigan Archaeological Society (MAS)

Minnesota Archaeological Society (MNAS)
Minnesota: From Site to Story (MNSite)
Minnesota Office of State Archaeology (MNOSA)

Missouri Archaeological Society (MoAS)

Montana Archaeological Society (MTAS)
Montana Historical Society/Archaeology (MTHS)

Nebraska Archaeological Society (NAS)
Nebraska State Historical Society Archaeology (NSHSA)

Nevada Archaeological Association (NAA)
Archaeo-Nevada Society (ANS)
Archaeological Research in Nevada (ARN)

New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies (NMOAS)
Archaeological Society of New Mexico (ASNM)
Albuquerque Archaeology Society (AAS)

North Carolina Archaeology Society (NCAS)
North Carolina Office of State Archaeology (NCOSA)

North Dakota Archaeological Association (NDAA)
State Historical Society of North Dakota, State Historic Preservation Office(NDSHPO)

Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society (FOAS)

Oklahoma Anthropological Society (OAS)
Oklahoma Archaeological Survey (OKAS)
Archaeological Society of Oklahoma (ASOK)

Oregon Archaeological Society (OAS)

South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA)
Archaeological Society of South Carolina, Inc. (ASSC)

South Dakota Archaeological Society (SDAS)
South Dakota Archaeological Society/South Dakota State Historical Society

Tennessee Archaeological Advisory Council (TAAC)
Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research (TVAR)

Texas Archaeological Society (TAS)

Utah Statewide Archaeological Society (USAS)

Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation (WSDAHP)
University of Washington Department of Anthropology (UWDA)
Association for Washington Archaeology (AWA)

Wisconsin Archaeological Society (WiAS)

Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists & the Wyoming
Archaeological Society (WyAS)
Wyoming State Preservation Office (WYOSHPO)